Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time for a web site face lift

Having had my web site available since 2003, I originally built it with "frames", a technique for reusing parts of html over and over and limiting the amount of new work needed. Frames is now an old technique, browsers not really liking, and it's time for a web site face lift.

With some css and some reorganization, I've tried to redesign my web site to be simpler and easier to navigate. A lot of folks are now browsing using their phones - droids, iphones, etc. so testing out your web site on a phone might also be a good idea.

Lastly, make sure you have no dead ends or broken links....not a good sign when people find you.

My biggest challenge is to keep the web site current. I'm constantly building new projects and I photograph them as I go. I then want to post this info onto the web site without spending hours authoring more html. Having the ability to cookie-cut many of my pages is critical. A few minutes capturing pictures, writing some descriptive text and adding a new link and I'm done.